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Fastpitch Events Focused on the Experience!

We know what coaches want when it comes to the user experience for fastpitch tournaments. 


  • NO SHORT INSIGNIFICANT GAME TIMES - There will never be a pool game shorter than 75 minutes in length.

  • NO CLOCK FOR BRACKET GAMES - 5 inning games create a unique experience. No more running out the clock by opposing team. 5 inning games average 1:30 minutes in length

  • CONSIDERATE SCHEDULING - Very frustrating when your team has both the 8 am game and 9 pm game. We look to close gaps in scheduling to avoid huge breaks. Teams either want to PLAY or do something with their team, not hang at park 4 hours waiting on next game. 

  • PRIZES YOU CAN USE - Who really wants another team medal or trophy? How about gear for the coaches and the team and CASH to help offset travel expenses!

  • 100% FULL REFUND if tourney canceled. 



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